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Derek de Jong

1520 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Derek de Jong 1520 days ago
Hmm, I wonder why the IATI registry is slow. If you really need this data and are in a pinch, I can write a small script that converts the xml into a CSV, but I thought there was some web app that already this that, someone showed to me today (I think).   
Derek J There was a comment during our presentation that DFATD had not actually published 2,500 new projects in July. However, because of the way the data was added to the registry (as a new organization with new activities, instead of an existing, renamed organization) the IATI Registry can't tell it's the same dataset. It may be impossible, but perhaps instead the CIDA organization file (identifier, etc) could be changed/appropriated to continue publishing the same (renamed) data file, or the old CIDA data can be moved/removed from the Registry. Leaving both in the Registry is clearly problematic, and is causing a duplication issue.

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