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Peder Jakobsen

1519 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Peder Jakobsen , Gianne Broughton 1519 days ago
On a completely different note, could the "results" fields in the IATI activity files ever include pictures? eg, "before and after" shots?  What are the options for putting something more accessible in the "results" fields than long paragraphs from which no comparable data can be extracted?
Peder J To answer that question, you would need to look at the IATI standard:  http://iatistandard.org/schema/  ; it doesn't look like you can include pictures as data.    When you say "before and after" can you give a us a specific example?
Gianne B "Before and After" pictures would not be relevant in all cases.  If the project was to rebuild schools, there could be a picture of the run-down buildings at the beginning of the project, and a picture of the rebuilt buildings at the end.  If it were about managing a particular crop pest, there could be a picture of a field affected by the pest, and the same field a couple of seasons later with (hopefully) healthy plants. If it were about post-harvest losses, there could be a picture of a truck loaded hap-hazardly with produce at the beginning of the project, and a truck loaded with tidy containers that protect the produce at the end of the project.
The picture in itself does not provide full accountability, but it is "worth a thousand words" to communicate the concept of the work and its results.
more important than pictures, there could be a standard set of "results" indicators that could have numerical data.  Maybe the IATI is set up for more kinds of things to show in the "results" fields than what CIDA has published.  I'll have to look at the schema and some of the other publishers' activities. The range of project concepts is so great that you could not come up with a set of "results" indicators that would provide some relevant data in every case.  But there are some important areas of development work that do lend themselves to countable indicators.  For instance, training projects can count the number of trainees certified. a very great many development projects have a training component.  microfinance projects can count the number of microenterprises sustained for a period of time. A noticable proportion of projects affect land, whether protecting it from erosion, or reforesting it, or reclaiming it from desert, or providing irrigation or drainage to it or making it accessible by road or....  So there might be a usefulness to having a results field for "number of hectares affected".  It is also standard for CIDA to require that applicants specify the minimum number of prospective primary beneficiaries of a project, and report on the actual number of beneficiaries at the end of the project.  I didn't notice a "beneficiaries" field in the CIDA projects reported in the activity file.
Peder J Looks like its there in the standard:   See http://iatistandard.org/activities-standard/result/

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